Quality, Environment, Health & Safety (QEHS) Policy Statement

A happy worker inside of the Garmco factory

GARMCO’s enduring commitment to adopt and maintain the highest standards in quality, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety, is enshrined in the Group’s QEHS Policy, which is implemented through a fully-integrated QEHS management system, and underlined by certification to all relevant ISO international standards.

GARMCO and its senior Management are committed to:

  • Continuously improve all processes, products and services utilizing ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.
  • Protect the environment in and around GARMCO, and provide safe and healthy working conditions for its staff, contractors and visitors.
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce occupational health & Safety (OH &S) risks.

In order to meet those goals, we will:

  • Provide quality and services in the supply of Aluminum products, which always meets or exceeds the requirements of our customers in the most economical way while complying with all regulatory and legal requirements, which apply to our activities.
  • Develop a reliable vendor base to ensure consistent supply of quality incoming raw materials and products to GARMCO.
  • Ensure that the internal quality requirements of the various departments are met and reflect our customers’ expectations.
  • Implement a structured approach to the identification and management of hazards and opportunities, seeking to eliminate hazards where reasonably practicable, in order to protect employees, visitors and contractors.
  • Establish suitable processes to ensure employee health and well-being.
  • Provide information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary, to ensure the health and safety of the employees, visitors and contractors at work.
  • Ensure that our current and future activities are carried out following the best practicable means for resources conservation, pollution prevention and prevention of work-related injury and ill health.
  • Establish meaningful Quality, Occupational health & safety and environmental objectives at relevant departments and functions.
  • Undertake regular reviews of the efficiency and effectiveness of our management systems.
  • Ensure consultation and participation of workers, and, workers’ representatives.
  • Provide adequate resources and support to facilitate the fulfilment of those commitments.

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