Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mill (GARMCO) has embarked on a transformative role in shaping the climate agenda through the GARMCO Green Initiative that sets the stage in steering the company’s vision for a sustainable future in a tangible direction.

The GARMCO Green Initiative is the culmination of years of best practice in eco-friendly processes and provides the template for the company’s new strategic direction of being a champion of environmental causes.

As a result, GARMCO has been in the forefront of developing some of the most high-quality products from recycled aluminium, and also ensuring that energy efficiency is at the heart of the way production processes are conducted.  GARMCO has been praised for injecting greater environmental controls across its operations – not only in the use of more scrap but also in promoting recycling as a strategic necessity.

The GARMCO Green Initiative received a further boost on 18 June, 2020 when the company obtained the prestigious ISO 14021:2016 certification for successfully promoting best practices in environmental management across the organization.

The assessment for GARMCO’s certification was conducted by TUV Nord.  The certification further endorses the company’s continuing efforts in minimizing the adverse impact of climate change through the environmentally and eco-friendly processes already in place, and through its wide ranging portfolio of recyclable products.

Commenting on GARMCO receiving the ISO 14021:2016 certification, the Company’s Chairman, Mr. Basim AlSaie said:

“At GARMCO, we have always been passionate for protection of the environment. Obtaining the ISO 14021:2016 certification was thus a natural evolution in this direction.  We place high priority on the need to have environmentally friendly products and processes as part of our commitment towards a sustainable growth while conserving the environment.

As a result of growing awareness about sustainable development, major industries and corporations have started demanding green and eco-friendly products and processes.  We believe that we all share this responsibility, and we owe it to our future generations in the way we conduct our business operations today. Recycling aluminium in our state-of-the-art re-melt and recycling facility completes the full cycle and uses only 10 per cent of the energy that is needed for primary aluminium production.  Today at GARMCO, we can offer rolled products with some of the highest and most stringent environmental standards that top manufacturers demand.  We remain committed in our resolve to do what we can to contribute to a sustainable future.

We are also thankful for the guidance and support we have received from the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Supreme Council of Environment. They play a powerful role in shaping and influencing eco-friendly policies, and it pleases us to dedicate this certification to them.

I am also delighted to mention that GARMCO has won several global awards and accreditations in its pursuit of highest international standards in the production process. These include ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System; ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series; ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System; ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity Management System; and ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System, to name a few.”