GARMCO, the Bahrain-based international aluminium rolling mill and one of the largest downstream aluminium facilities in the Middle East, held its Annual Subsidiaries Meeting from 16 November to 19 November 2019 which took place at the Group’s headquarters situated in Bahrain. The meeting brought together its international management team spanning the Middle East, Asia, Far East, Australia, Europe and the USA.

The 4 days interactive sessions between the members of the global team were organized as an integral part of change management, team building and business performance review of all subsidiaries, which included sharing the Group’s new strategy, a complete business operations analysis alongside reviewing industry and economy forecasts of 2020.

Commenting, Mohammed Essa, General Manager of GARMCO, said, “GARMCO serves over 2,000 customers in more than 45 countries and the Group is undergoing a great deal of corporate re-structure it is always stimulating to meet in person and compare experiences. “

“We are pleased to meet with our global team; the meeting helped chart a new path in GARMCO’s team building, decision-making and profitable growth process.” added Mr. Essa.