Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mill Co. (GARMCO) has launched its annual summer training program for high school and university graduates, as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) to support the development of Bahraini cadres. This initiative aims to provide young Bahraini graduates with practical work experience and skills to become part of a promising generation of employees in the industrial sector.

During the program, participants worked alongside GARMCO employees to gain hands-on work experience and learn about the company’s operations and processes. The program offers opportunities to the graduates to learn from experienced professionals, enabling them to enhance their skills, and expand their knowledge in various areas such as administration, finance, and engineering. The initiative provides students with a chance to apply what they learned in their education and to prepare them to enter the workforce. Through such initiatives, GARMCO aims to play an active role in building a skilled Bahraini workforce and support the country’s economic development.