Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mill Co. (GARMCO) continues to strengthen its ties with its customers by actively engaging in meetings and visits with key partners around the world. Recently, GARMCO Sales Manager Mr. Tariq Saeed met with Gujarat Foils in India to discuss their business partnership and explore new opportunities for growth.

India is a key market for GARMCO, and the company has been working closely with its customers there to provide high-quality aluminium products and services. The meeting with Gujarat Foils is a testament to GARMCO’s commitment to building long-term relationships with its partners and to supporting the growth of the aluminium industry in the region. GARMCO’s Sales Manager discussed a range of topics with Gujarat Foils, including market trends, customer requirements, and potential areas for collaboration. The meeting was productive and helped to reinforce GARMCO’s reputation as a reliable and trusted partner in the aluminium industry.