Environmental Protection

A forklift carrying an aluminium coil

GARMCO as a responsible corporate entity has maintained an enduring commitment to sustainable development and eco-friendly processes, and thereby work towards developing a better quality-of-life for employees and the wider community. The Company has consistently ensured that all operations across the plant are conducted in accordance with legal requirements and eco-friendly best practices. The ISO 14021:2016, Environmental Management System further validates GARMCO’s environmental commitment, and sets the tone for the company’s ongoing contributions to create a sustainable future and build a better world for future generations.

Environmental aspects and their related impact are calculated, and consequently, necessary operational controls are implemented.  Some of the examples of this initiative include:

  • Stopping all activities from the manufacturing process that could harm the environment, such as no longer using halon gas due to its adverse impact on the ozone layer
  • Conserving natural resources through a policy of ‘reduce – reuse – recycle’ across all plant operations and the supply chain
  • Installing computerized furnaces that increase efficiency levels
  • Using LED lights that consume less energy
  • Introducing variable frequency drivers for mill motors
  • Reducing harmful emissions, including volatile organic compounds
  • Monitoring radiation and heat levels
  • Implementing a waste management policy that would include assigning approved third parties to conduct safe disposal of waste
  • Reuse and monitoring effluent levels.

GARMCO’s management team holds quarterly meetings to review environmental impact issues, and these are based on monthly reports from line managers. The Company also issues a quarterly report to the Ministry of the Environment on emissions, radiation and heat levels, effluents, and waste management.

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