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GARMCO enjoys a global reputation for exceeding the expectations of, most of market segments of aluminium, with high product quality, customer service and quick delivery, which is based on well-established quality fundamentals recognised by end users. Given that there are currently around 425 aluminium rolling mills operating across the world, this constitutes a significant achievement.

The Company’s commitment to quality is underlined by accreditation to ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system. GARMCO products comply with international and national technical standards issued by the Aluminium Association, American Society for Testing & Materials, British Standards Institution, European Committee for Standardisation, Japanese Industrial Standards Committee, and Standards Australia. GARMCO products are Certified for CE Marking, which is a part of European Union’s (EU) harmonisation Legislation, which enable GARMCO to trade the products in European Economic Area (EEA).

At GARMCO, a passion for excellence permeates the entire organisation and is embedded in the corporate culture, with every employee taking pride in ensuring the highest possible product and service quality. Operating on the premise that ‘quality is built in, not just inspected’, the Company approach to quality embraces the entire production process, from the receipt of raw materials, manufacturing and testing, to final delivery.

A team of Quality Engineers and Quality inspectors works closely with mechanical, electrical, process and design engineers and monitor the entire Production processes. Inspections and Testing are carried out at all stages of Production, for identifying and reporting any deviations from quality standards and customer requirements (non-conformances) if any, and to ensure that all necessary remedial actions are implemented. A fully-equipped laboratory ensures compliance with the Required specifications by Testing of chemical composition, lubricant & water quality, metallography and mechanical Properties at various stages, for every coil before it leaves the plant.

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